Hi, am Tony. I was always a skeptic when it comes to testosterone boosters until I celebrated my 40th birthday. Every time I left the gym after a workout, I would find myself feeling lethargic and unable to perform tasks that I once found pleasurable.


At that time I was not aware that testosterone levels dip as one ages. My marriage was suffering due to my low libido levels. At first, I blamed my workload at the office, but when I visited my personal doctor for a checkup, he advised I take some testosterone boosters.


Soon after starting out on the boosters I was able to cut some weight and have a better muscle mass. My physique improved and this led to a shoot in confidence levels. While before I felt lethargic after a workout now I feel great, and this has had a positive effect on my marriage. Testosterone boosters are not for everyone, and that is why you should talk to your doctor before purchasing one.